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Are you experiencing constant aching and a feeling of tiredness in your legs? This may be caused by varicose veins. Approximately 50% of females and 20% of males are affected. Symptoms vary from spider veins to larger bulging veins. If left untreated, varicose veins may progress to swelling, ulceration, and pigmentation.

Find Healing at Our Clinic

Let us do the legwork! Get your varicose vein treatment at St. Albert in Cosmetic Medical Clinic and Vein Clinic. We'll assess your medical history and conduct a brief information session so that you understand your medical situation. We'll then perform a physical examination of your legs, and conduct a colour flow Doppler ultrasound mapping of your leg veins. After this, you'll be given an accurate diagnosis, based on the aforementioned criteria.

Types of Treatment

VenaSeal™ Sapheon Closure System

A seal for your varicose veins that has no risk of injuring your nerves. To find out more, click here.


A procedure by administering a series of small injections of medication, with very fine needles, into the offending veins.

To find out more, click here.

Foam Echosclerotherapy

An injection of medication turned into a “microfoam” and administered to larger turquoise veins (reticulars) or saphenous veins, which are not always visible, but feed other surface veins. To find out more, click here.

Xenon Gas “Super Foam”:

A foam created by Dr. Morison. COMING SOON!

Bauerfeind Compression Stockings

Stockings that can help your legs avoid venous disorders. We are proud to offer these stockings. Book your complimentary stocking fitting with one of our trained nurses today.

Vein Injection Treatment Process

During the injection, your legs will be elevated to ensure that the foam travels towards the bottom end of the vein. You will be kept in this position for 5 – 10 minutes to watch for allergic reactions and have an elastic compression stocking applied. The stocking is an important part of the treatment as it keeps the network closed and helps the veins sclerose. 

PLEASE tell the doctor or nurse if you are on any new medication; especially antibiotics if you smoke or if you are on any hormone therapy.

Following Any Injections

You will be advised to wear your stocking(s) for five days for cosmetic treatment of small veins or for ten days for medical treatment of large veins. Stockings may be removed at nighttime for sleep. After treatment, we recommend that you go for a brisk walk around the block before driving home in your car.

If you have a long drive home, please plan frequent stretch breaks. You can return to work after your brisk walk.

Can I Exercise After Treatment?

Please do! Exercising everyday will make your treatments more effective. Wear your compression stockings while exercising and don’t do anything too traumatic like horseback riding. (Ask the nurse or doctor).

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

For small cosmetic injections, you can expect temporary stinging and some bruising. After foam echosclerotherapy of larger veins, you might have cramping or heaviness along the course of the vein. On occasion, you will have redness and warmth along the treated vein. This is called phlebitis and is caused by blood and medication being trapped in the treated vein. Please call us if you experience this and are concerned. The vein may also feel lumpy and look bruised. This is a normal side effect of treatment. Ice can be applied to tender areas for the first 48 hours then warm compresses after 48 hours. We can also prescribe you an anti-inflammatory gel to apply. A manual drainage of these lumpy areas may need to be performed with local anesthetics for comfort and more pleasing cosmetic results.

Please take showers instead of hot baths and no hot tubs at first.

Sometimes the skin remains brown over the treated vein but in most cases, it will slowly fade.

Possible Complications

Despite our detailed history and exam, there is always the possibility of an allergic reaction ranging from hives and mild itching to an anaphylactic reaction. We have emergency medical equipment on hand to assist you in the event of a reaction.

Exceptionally rare cases of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolus have been reported in medical literature. (PLEASE TELL US IF YOU SMOKE AND/OR TAKE HORMONES OR THE BIRTH CONTROL PILL).

There are two other RARE accidental complications that may arise from the sclerosing agent spilling into the subcutaneous tissue or introduced into an arteriole. Either could result in an ulcer and that would eventually leave a scar. Please call us with any concerns.

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