Bier Block Technique for Luminous Skin

Bier Block

The Bier Block Technique is a procedure to "freeze" or anesthetise the hand or foot before injecting Botox into the involved sweat glands. This involves one single injection of diluted lidocaine into a hand vein, after the Bier Block cuff had been applied to the upper arm and inflated (like a blood pressure cuff). The arm below the cuff becomes totally numb and injections around the sweat glands will be painless. After the cuff is released the limb will return to feeling "normal" within minutes.

Experienced in the Bier Block Technique

Most clinics numb or anesthetise the arm by injecting lidocaine directly around the Radial and Ulnar nerves, which are located near the palm of the hand. The numbing sensation may be "patchy" with this method. Besides being very painful, sometimes permanent nerve damage can occur. This can cause permanent numbness, tingling or pain. Dr. Morison and his staff have had many years of experience using the Bier Block Technique. This method is used in some emergency departments to "set" broken wrist bones.

As always, your comfort and safety are our highest priority.

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