Professional Acne Treatment

Benefits of Professional Acne Treatment

Millions of Canadians suffer from acne and many try over-the-counter cleansers and creams with little-to-no effect. If you have not had much success getting painful and unsightly acne under control, then it may be time to consider acne treatment from an Edmonton skin care specialist at Cosmetic Medical Clinic and Vein Clinic. 

There are many different types of acne treatments available depending on your needs, each with their own unique benefits. Let's take a look at what professional acne treatment in Edmonton can do for you.

Acne Facials for Clearer Skin 

Treat yourself and fight acne at the same time with an acne facial. Specialized for acne treatment in Edmonton, these facials can help to reduce the look of blackheads by cleaning deeply under the skin and exfoliating dead skin cells. Facials can also balance out skin that is too dry or too oily, both of which can lead to breakouts.

Peels for a Glowing Complexion
Acne often results from a buildup of dead skin and clogged pores, which can be effectively controlled with peels. By removing dead skin cells and cleaning deep into your pores, peels leave your skin looking radiant. Resurfacing peels can help to lessen the look of scarring left behind by acne breakouts through controlled exfoliation.

Non-Invasive Acne Control
One of the most unique forms of professional acne treatment in Edmonton is a special blue light therapy called BLU-U. Completely safe and non-invasive, BLU-U uses a special blue light to combat acne bacteria and help get it under control. All you have to do is sit for a series of short sessions in front of the light. Treatment varies in length but you will likely see results after just a few weeks.

Quality Skin Care Products
Choosing to visit a skin care clinic in Edmonton for acne treatment provides a great opportunity to learn about high-quality skin care products that are right for you. Your skin care specialist will recommend the products and product lines that can help fight acne and that are best suited to your skin. The right products can make it much easier to maintain healthy and glowing skin at home.

Greater Confidence and Self-Esteem
If acne causes you to worry about your appearance, it can add an extra layer of stress and anxiety to all of your day-to-day activities. Seeing a professional and finding an effective treatment or combination of treatments that work for you will enable you to feel more confident in your interactions with others, improving your self-esteem and allowing you to be your true self.

Effective Acne Treatment in Edmonton
At Cosmetic Medical Clinic and Vein Clinic, we understand how important it can be to take confidence in your own skin. We provide safe and effective acne treatment in Edmonton tailored to your unique needs. Our team will assess what treatments and products may work best for your skin and closely monitor your treatment to ensure the best possible results.

To book a complimentary consultation and get started on your personalized acne treatment, just contact Cosmetic Medical Clinic and Vein Clinic today.

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