Cosmetic Medical Clinic and Spa: Health Treatments in St. Albert

When you look great, you feel great. This simple truth is the basis for everything we do at Cosmetic Medical Clinic and Spa. Grounded in front-line medical practices, we take a scientific approach to beauty. Led by Dr. Nicholas Morison MD, CCFP, our staff uses safe and effective treatments to reverse skin damage, remove skin cancers and repair vein damage.

Professional Medical Care
We're proud to put our clients in the skillful hands of our qualified, trained and experience practitioners. Comprised of medical doctors, nurses, medical estheticians and certified technicians, our team is able to offer professional and confidential care using state-of-the-art technology. Both friendly and caring, our staff will do their utmost to achieve the results you desire.
Cosmetic Medical Clinic and Spa
Is the condition of your skin affecting your self-confidence? Don't let a surface problem take a toll on your emotional and psychological well-being. At Cosmetic Medical Clinic and Spa, our non-surgical treatments repair damage caused by the sun, acne, cystic acne and milia.

Spotted a bothersome wrinkle? Talk to one of our knowledgeable staff about the treatments we use to help reverse the signs of aging.

Biopsy Clinic
If you've noticed a troubling growth on your skin, it's best to have a professional examine it and if necessary, remove it. At Cosmetic Medical Clinic and Spa, our medical staff is qualified to safely and effectively extract skin cancers, suspicious skin lesions, skin tags and warts.

Shrink Varicose Veins at our Vein Clinic in St. Albert
Varicose veins aren't only unsightly, they can also cause swelling and discomfort in your legs. Find effective treatment at our vein clinic in St. Albert. We remove tiny to large veins with little or no down time.

Eye Clinic
Maintain the health of your eyes with a trip to our eye clinic. We offer accurate eye exams for glasses as well as medical eye health exams.

Whatever your area of concern, our aim is to provide you with education, counselling and medical supervision. Be armed to make the right choices.

For healthy skin and clear vision, book an appointment at our St. Albert clinic.
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